Kim Kardashian ranked her sisters from best dressed to worst, and the results will surprise you

Kim Kardashian West appeared onJames Corden’s show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, where she was treated to a, well, disgusting spread of food.

It was all in the name of “Fill Your Guts or Spill Your Guts,” the game Corden often plays with guests on his show. The game has a way of getting celebs to reveal their deepest secrets (because the alternative involves eating something truly gross). Let’s just say it drew some classified information out of Kardashian West.

While the new fragrance creator wouldn’t address rumors of Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian’s pregnancies, she did discuss her sisters in another capacity. When faced with an impossible choice: rank her sisters in terms of stylishness or nosh on bird saliva, Kardashian West opted to spill (and like…we don’t blame her?).

She didn’t hesitate for a second before launching into her ranking. “Best dressed, I would say…Kendall,” she said. “Second, I’d go for Kris Jenner. Third, Kourtney — no, no, no. Yeah, Kourtney. No, okay. The one before could be Kylie, then Kourtney.”

That only left one sister in the running. “And then Khloé. She’s going to kill me, I’m so sorry.”

First of all, #JusticeForKhloé. Second, Kardashian West also revealed the one habit of husband Kanye West’s she wishes she could change: his habit of falling asleep anywhere and everywhere.

Kardashian West didn’t manage to make it out without tasting one of Corden’s nasty snacks, though. When asked whether she could confirm or deny the rumors of Jenner and Kardashian’s respective pregnancies, Kardashian West opted to take a sip of sardine smoothie.

Her take on the delicacy? “So f*cking disgusting.”