Future lawyer Kim Kardashian recreated Elle Woods’ Harvard Law video for Halloween, and we do not object

Reese Witherspoon must be quaking because Kim Kardashian West is coming for her blonde extensions. Kardashian dressed up as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde for Halloween this year, and she even remade the iconic Harvard Law video admissions essay from the 2001 film. Okay, Kim. We see you, and we do not object!

“Oh, hi! I’m Elle Woods. And for my admissions essay, I’m gonna tell all of you at Harvard why I’m gonna be an amazing lawyer,” Kardashian West recited in her October 31st Instagram video, while soaking in a makeshift hot tub. She continued, “I’m able to recall hundreds of important details at the drop of a hat.” She then goes on to recap the most recent episode of Days of our Lives just as Witherspoon so eloquently did.

“I feel comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life,” Kardashian West says. A fellow classmate whistles at her and she gasps, “I object!”

Just as she’s doing to earn her law degree, Kim put in the work to make her Halloween costume the absolute best ever. And if we were on the admissions board at Harvard Law, we’d let her in, no problem.


TBH, we don’t know how long Kardashian and her krew have been working on this thing, but dang. It’s spot-on with the original.

Kardashian also uploaded a series of photos showing off her Elle Woods-inspired costumes. We honestly had to do a double-take.


The jury has voted. Kim Kardashian West has won Halloween. Slam the gavel, the trial is over. Although no one can do Elle Woods quite like Witherspoon, Kardashian West is absolutely our second fave Elle Woods.