Watch out, Kylie — Kim Kardashian is launching her own beauty brand, and it’s dropping sooner than you think

This is not a drill. Kim Kardashian Beauty is coming on June 21st, 2017. Yes, you read that right. If you listen closely, you can hear the makeup community say, “Finally.”

If you recall, the Kardashians had a makeup line back in the days of yore when the girls also had a cheetah print-heavy collection at Sears, and wore a lot of bandage dresses and Louboutin Daffodile pumps. Turns out the Kardashian Beauty line (which was never quite on a Kardashian level) was more of a licensing thing and the girls weren’t super involved.

But the teaser train is leaving the station, and it looks like Kim is finally giving fans a true Kardashian makeup line.

Aside from the date and the website (, we know nothing about the makeup line. But boy, do we have theories.

1Theory 1: A restock.

Since the color scheme is identical to her KKW x Kylie Cosmetics release, the initial KKW Beauty drop could include a restock of the collection, maybe with the shades sold as singles.

2Theory 2: A bigger, better, glammer, nudier, Kylie collab

Kylie Cosmetics is not just about lip kits anymore, so it isn’t a stretch to think Kylie and Kim’s kollab (couldn’t resist) would include a version of everything Kylie can kook up (last one). We wouldn’t be surprised to see Kim’s take on Kyliner, Kyshadow, and the whole kit and caboodle.

3Theory 3: Kontour.

Sure, these swatches could be darker lip shades, but what if they were contour sticks? Kim’s makeup artist did sort of spill the beans when asked about his favorite contours, and contouring is what Kim is KNOWN for.

We’re placing bets over here — what are your guesses?