Kim Kardashian has made a significant wardrobe change since her robbery, and it makes total sense

The days of displaying expensive pieces of jewelry on social media might be a thing of the past for Kim Kardashian, who made the significant wardrobe change in the wake of her robbery. While showing off her opulent lifestyle is an undeniably huge part of Kardashian’s appeal and brand, it makes total sense for her to cut back on sharing snapshots of the fancy goods with the public, given the fact that that pieces like the $4 million ring thieves stole from her last October in Paris are reportedly what made her a target.

As Cosmo reports, Kardashian’s approach to accessorizing (at least in public) has gone from over-the-top and insanely expensive to more subtle and apparently less pricey, like her custom-made XIV Karats Calabasas necklace that sells for $500, which is barely a drop in the bucket compared to the $11 million worth of jewelry she lost in the infamous heist.

Here’s a Snapchat video where Kardashian gleefully goofed off while modeling her new, pared-down accessory, plus the chic lip ring she wore to her family’s annual Christmas party:

This is arguably the biggest wardrobe transformation Kardashian has undergone since Kanye West gave her that unsolicited closet makeover (yeah, we can’t forget either), but we imagine the transition was far smoother this time, particularly because her safety is at stake, which is obviously far more important than an extensive designer shoe collection and any other item, no matter how large the price tag.

Anyway, we’re glad to see Kardashian embracing the subtle style change. Her latest social media posts have featured way less bling and much more family. Judging by the reaction to her most recent pics with her children, her fans will continue to obsess over whatever personal snapshots she shares, even if they don’t need to wear to shades to see them.