Watch pre-teen Kanye recite a moving poem he wrote about Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s no surprise that Kanye West has been a creative genius his entire life. Even as a kid, the international superstar was an amazing lyricist, as evidenced by this video that Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram last night in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

The short clip features a young Kanye, about 12 or 13 years old, reciting an original poem titled “His Name Means Love” as a tribute to the late civil rights activist. The video captures what looks like a school assembly, where Kanye is confidently reciting lines all about, “a man who fought for freedom / a man who fought for equality.”

Over on Twitter, Kim linked to the full video of Kanye’s reading, which appears to have surfaced on the Internet back in 2012. However, the message of spreading love and equality is always relevant, and an adorable baby Kanye makes it that much sweeter.

Watch the clip below!

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