When do KKW Beauty’s glitter glosses and highlighters launch? Here’s when to set your alarms

As 2017 comes to a close, it’s safe to say that KKW Beauty has had a great year.

Kim Kardashian’s newest beauty line has released awesome products (contour kits, crystal-inspired perfume, and more) that we can’t stop talking about.

And now, KKW Beauty plans on blowing our minds again, as the new Ultralight Beams Highlighters and Glosses are set to be released tomorrow, December 1st, and we can’t even begin to contain our excitement.

If you love glittery gloss and amazing highlighters, then you’ll absolutely love the new KKW Beauty Ultralight Beams Highlighters and Glosses as they dress up your lips (and checks) in true sparkle fashion.

Plus, with new shades of rose gold, yellow gold, and copper, each gloss and highlighter will allow you to create all sort of dazzling makeup looks this holiday season.

The Ultralight Beams Highlighters and Glosses will officially launch on the brand’s website at 12 p.m. PST. You’ll want to set your alarms for this beauty release. We’ve come to learn that anything Kim Kardashian releases sells out pretty quickly.


Each of the Ultralight Beams Highlighters and Glosses comes with five pigmented powders and matching glosses.


And coming in five stunning shades, you can use them individually on your face and/or body. But if you want to take the sparkle factor up a notch, you can also mix the gloss with the pigments to create a head-turning lewk.


And while gloss duos and a matching highlighter retail for $32, you can buy the complete set (all 10) for $160.

To see the glosses up close and personal, here are the five shades.

1Ultralight Beams Gloss and Powder Duo in Iridescent, $32


2Ultralight Beams Gloss and Powder Duo in Copper, $32


3Ultralight Beams Gloss and Powder Duo in Yellow Gold, $32


4Ultralight Beams Gloss and Powder Duo in Rose Gold, $32


5Ultralight Beams Gloss and Powder Duo in Bronze, $32


The glosses and highlighters launch tomorrow, December 1st, at 12 p.m. PST.

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