Kim Kardashian finally told us what North is naming her puppy, and it’s actually delicious

While the world was waiting for more information about Beyonce’s babies, Kim Kardashian revealed she also had a pair of “twins” at home. And by twins, we mean new puppies. North West and Penelope Disick got baby Pomeranians, and while little “P” named hers immediately (with the adorable name “Honey”) West waited a bit to figure out the perfect monicker.

Both Disick and West are four years old, even though Disick is super close to officially celebrating her fifth birthday next month. So a puppy gift is pretty much perfect. Kardashian helped her daughter along by asking her Twitter followers to think up some solid suggestions.

And the winner is?

Even though it wasn’t the winner of the poll that Kardashian put up, personally, it was our favorite on the list. It’s such a cute name for such a fluffy little pup! Also, food is the best, so food names are also the best.

Also, we truly think it’s sweet that West and Disick get to share the puppy experience together. It’s even more proof that the Kardashian/Jenner clan (and all of the kids included) are legitimately close.

In fact, puppies aside, the two also had a joint Moana-themed party. North West had her birthday on June 15th, so it made sense for the cousins to have one big birthday bash.

We can’t wait to hear more about Sushi and Honey. Keep those pictures coming, Kardashian sisters!