Kim Kardashian says social media has her worried about her kids’ future online

Even though social media can be fun and empowering, there’s a price to be paid. Kim Kardashian returned to social media in January after being attacked and robbed in Paris. She went on the Watch What Happens Live After Show with Andy Cohen and discussed her views on social media after the attack.

After the robbery, Kim admits that she was a social media recluse. She didn’t want to be out in public, and we don’t blame her. After a terrifying incident like that, we are so impressed with the way Kim has bounced back. But it definitely changed her perspective.

Kim Kardashian told Andy Cohen why she took a big break from social media after the robbery.

Kim admitted that the experience really made her see social media differently. In fact, she started to see it more like husband Kanye, who doesn’t share much of his life. After the attack, Kim started to have some second thoughts about living her life so publicly, and especially the lives of her children.

Kim said, "I love sharing my life, so I share it. Obviously, I live on a reality show. But sometimes you're just like, is it worth it?"

Kim explained that after taking some time off, all the usual negative comments really made her think. But now, Kim says she’s found a good balance. She doesn’t share as much, but she’s still open to sharing. Because it’s tough dealing with all the negative feedback picking you apart every moment of the day.

Kim said, "It's hard on your soul."

But what Kim worries about the most is what her kids will go through as they grow up.

“I’m so afraid for my kids to grow up with social media. I didn’t have to grow up like that, and I loved it.”


But with Kim already thinking about these things, she’ll probably have all the best advice to make sure her kids enjoy social media, but don’t get overwhelmed by it. As she’s clearly learned since her hiatus from the spotlight that social media, like anything, is all about balance.