A piece of Kim Kardashian’s stolen jewelry may have been found

Last week (October 2nd) we learned the disturbing and horrifying news that Kim Kardashian had been robbed at gun point in her hotel while staying in Paris, France.

As more information began to be revealed, it came to light that Kim had sadly had a heft $5.6 million worth of jewelry stolen from her, including her engagement ring and a jewellery box.

What’s more, Kim’s husband, the rapper Kanye West, has postponed dates on his “Saint Pablo” tour, and it also appears that the Kardashian family have decided to indefinitely put a hold on the filming of their popular reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Basically, it’s safe to say that this whole ordeal must have been terrifying to Kim and her family, but it’s also had a wider impact on how they live their lives.

Luckily, there’s a tiny smattering of light in all of this for Kim.

According to TMZ, one piece out of the alleged 13 pieces of jewelry have been recovered by French police.

The item is said to be a platinum mounted diamond cross necklace by jewelry company Jacob and Co. Reports say that the item was found by a passerby outside of the hotel where the horrific robbery took place. The cross is rumored to be worth $33,180.

As TMZ state, French police are now currently testing the item for any traces of DNA to see if they can link it to the perpetrators of the crime.

While the worth of the cross is no where near the massive $5.6 million that Kim has had stolen from her, it must still mean something that she’s managed to get anything back following what must have been an awful experience.

We hope that the necklace will prove helpful to police who are leading the investigation, and we’re sending positive thoughts to Kim and her family. We hope that they’ll be able to work through this situation and find some semblance of normality again.

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