Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban’s Sonny and Cher Halloween costumes are so good that Cher herself approves

Some Halloween costumes are hard to pull off, but Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban’s Sonny and Cher costume is flawless. According to People, Kardashian and Cheban, her BFF, dressed like the superstar singing pair for Casamigos’ annual Halloween party on Friday, Oct. 27th. Their outfits were custom-made, so it’s no wonder they’re so impressive. Plus, their makeup and accessories completed their doppelgänger look. (Fun fact: Kardashian used sister Kylie Jenner’s purple eyeshadow palette from Kylie Cosmetics.) As for why Kardashian wanted to dress like Cher, she explained on Periscope.

“Because I love [Cher] and we’re going to a ’70s party," she said according to People. "You know I love her…

Kim Kardashian also mentioned Cher’s physique as inspiration.

“Cher definitely has a better body. Her stomach…I don’t think anyone could compare.

Without further ado, “Believe” and check out Kardashian’s Twitter post — where she even has the iconic song playing in the background.

As you can see here, Kim and Jonathan ~really~ stayed in character.

And we LOVE their costume so much! Whether they’re serious…

…Or not!

See how they compare to the actual Sonny and Cher.

W-O-W, right?! We definitely give Kardashian and Cheban a 10 out of 10! And, apparently, Cher herself does, too. She tweeted her approval. Nothing like a vote of confidence from the iconic person behind your costume inspiration!

And Kardashian sent the sweetest tweet back to Cher.

Awwww, that gives us all the feels! In any case, if we were Halloween costume judges, no doubt, Kardashian and Cheban would have our vote! Meanwhile, we’re now in a Cher mood. Then again, when are we not? So we’re going to go blast her music right now…

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