Kim Kardashian Snapchats Saint West at 9-months-old, and the results are insanely adorable

Everybody loves a good Snapchat filter, and Kim Kardashian is no exception. In fact, thanks to US Weekly, we recently discovered that she  took some special Snaps of son Saint West on the day he turned 9-months-old.

Allow us to introduce Saint as an old man with a bushy mustache. FYI this is a video, and it’s essential viewing.

OMG…that giggle. LOVE. IT. Also, note the hilarious “old man Kim” voice.

Here’s a strikingly different look for Saint: the deer filter!

“Are you the cutest little deer I ever saw?” she asks. Ummmm the answer is a resounding YES.

Of course, now we have to see the two deers together.

UGH. It’s so cute it’s SCARY!

Also, we’re making it official: Saint West is the king of Snapchat.

But wait! This appearance by North is pretty stellar as well.

What a freaking adorable family. More adventures on Snapchat please!

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