This is what Kim Kardashian does when she’s too lazy to wash her face

There’s not a whole lot we have in common with Kim Kardashian West, but in the name of launching her new KKW Beauty line, we learned that the superstar is actually just like us. Sometimes Kim Kardashian West is too lazy to wash her face — like all of us are every now and again. So what does she use?

Kim uses Neutrogena face wipes. That’s it. Just like one of us plebes.

Talk about a celebrity endorsement! Who doesn’t have a pack of those drugstore wipes lying around? Kim uses the lavender or the “blue pack,” she said at the KKW Beauty launch party at her house. She told Elle,

"I sometimes get so lazy at night after putting the kids to bed that I just cannot wash my face, and I always have makeup wipes. So I'll do that instead of washing my face."

We’re not alone. Even celebs just can’t deal some nights. We’re totally into it.

Kardashian West also laughed at some of the old makeup trends she used to swear by. Trends that some of us are probably still loving, but she says she’s moved on.

“Oh God, it’s so fun to look back at old pictures from like seven or eight years ago and I sometimes want to cringe when I look at the different makeup looks that I did,” she laughed.

Kardashian added, “I don’t know what Mario and I were thinking when we used to do such a white under-eye — I mean, we used to really white it out. So we have a concealer kit coming out and I feel like I’ve really perfected that now.” Her new concealer line is already sold out, so you’ll have to wait to get your hands on it, unfortunately.

KKW Beauty didn’t sell out quite as quickly as Kylie Jenner’s makeup drops usually do, but it looks like the sisters helped each other out and learned from some past mistakes. As concealers sold out (medium was first), Kim updated people on Twitter. For people waiting in line on her website, she coached them on when to refresh their browsers to get the best chance to buy. So nice, right?

Whether it’s working to help people get her look, or sharing our very own favorite go-to products, Kim K. is definitely a lot more real than her fame suggests.

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