We’re really loving this influx of Saint West photos that Kim Kardashian keeps posting

Real talk: we’re so happy to see Kim Kardashian back on social media after a totally understandable three-month hiatus from the spotlight. We’ve always loved catching glimpses into Kim’s family life, and her latest photos featuring Kanye West and her kids are refreshingly normal and beautiful to see.

A stark departure from the regular rotation of selfies and glam shots galore, one thing we’re obsessed with is the influx of Saint West photos that Kim is blessing us with these days. The tot, who just celebrated his first birthday in December, is the perfect mix of both his beautiful parents, and we’re swooning with every shot Kim shares.

These are, far and away, the cutest photos of baby Saint that Kim has shared in recent days.

Saint Meets A Miniature Horse

Honestly, what could be cuter than baby Saint and a baby horse? Nothing.

Saint On The Go

Look out, world. He’s on the move!

Sweet Moments With Dad

Who doesn’t love seeing Kanye in dad mode?

Mom On The Lookout

He is so tiny. And so cute.

In His Mom’s Arms

With a guest appearance by North.

Sibling Love

Stop. We are melting over here.

Mom & Baby

The living definition of the heart-eyes emoji, right?

A Beautiful Family Photo

This is the closest thing we got to a Kardashian-West Christmas card this year, but we will take it.

Kim’s intimate family shots definitely prove that the Kim of 2017 is focused on family first, and we adore it. One last request, Kim? More Saint photos, please. We can’t get enough.

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