Kim Kardashian just revealed what each of her sisters smells like, and it’s so weirdly intriguing

Kardashian and beauty aficionados are likely aware that Kim Kardashian recently launched an updated fragrance collection: KKW Body II and III, which serve as the creative “sequels” to her initial KKW Body scent. And in honor of the launch, The Cut interviewed the reality star and mogul about something very on-theme…scents. Specifically, her favorites, least favorites, and even what certain experiences smell like to her (regret apparently smells like McDonalds…lol).

But perhaps the most interesting tidbits of information gleaned from the interview? What each of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters smells like.

"Kendall has no scent—which is a good thing. She’s just always smells fresh and clean, and smells like a supermodel; exactly what you think she would smell like," Kim said. "Kylie always smells like one of my original fragrances that have gardenias and jasmine. Kourtney smells like all-natural products. Khloé smells like rich oils; very fruity, but rich in scent. She also likes very white florals."

Hmmm…this actually makes a lot of sense. But perhaps the most surprising scent profile Kim described was for her husband Kanye West, whom she says smells “rich.”

"I can’t explain it, but like a rich person [laughs]., I don’t know! He smells like what you think a really expensive, Saint Laurent fragrance campaign would be."

While we’re not exactly sure what that smells like, suffice it to say, we’re intrigued.

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