Kim Kardashian returns to our screens in lingerie and a fur coat for this “Love” magazine video, and it’s absolutely dreamy

If you woke up this morning with the desire to see Kim Kardashian donning lace lingerie in a dreamy space-themed video for Love magazine’s advent calendar, today is your lucky day! And if you didn’t (which, let’s be real, is understandable), prepare to be WOWED — because director James Lima got super creative with this genre-bending clip. You remember how badass Kendall Jenner looked in her video for the Love calendar, right? Well, things have skyrocketed to a whole new level of extreme.

Kardashian bares all — well, almost — and we’re crushing hard on her coat (she’s wearing Coach and Agent Provocateur).

The most impressive thing about this may actually be her confidence. Look at the way she moves!

From the color palette, to the way her dark locks fall across her shoulders, to her intense stare, this otherworldly clip is trippy in the best way possible.

Since the scary robbery incident in Paris, Kardashian has understandably been laying low. And Us Weekly notes that her partnership with Love magazine for this calendar likely happened before that. We’re just glad that Kim is in our news feeds for something healthy and positive — especially since it’s almost Christmas, and we’ve been feeling pretty deprived lately.

Huge congrats to Kim for such a uniquely awesome appearance in this video; we’re feeling ready to crush this day with our best  foot forward! AKA go shopping for some new bras and coats — and maybe look into green screen technology to recrearte this video at home for our own viewing pleasure.

H/T: Us Weekly

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