Kim Kardashian is releasing an updated edition of ‘Selfish’ and yes, there are pics of North and Saint

According to a recent instagram post, Kim Kardashian is releasing a MAJOR surprise. Her book, Selfish, is being given a super exciting update in the form of adorable photos of North and Saint West. As major fans of her beautiful, style-icon babies, we are PUMPED.

Kim K already knows we’re craving this Selfish update.

“New Selfish alert!” she wrote on Instagram. “2 more chapters added! Dropping soon!”

The book’s publisher, Rizolli, confirms the announcement. According to Complex, the updated Selfish has 120 more selfies and 64 new pages, which is, like, wow, but also not too surprising considering that Kim K is nothing if not a selfie queen.

Like, lets review the nonsensical beauty of this family.

This video of Saint giggling.

It doesn’t get cuter than this.

Kim and Kanye, because style goals forever.

Just, like, aw.

This sassy photo of North

We feel you, North.

This angelic shot of Saint


This beautiful shot of mom and daughter

Proof that the flower crown selfie is the best selfie.

Long story short? This is going to be the most beautiful book maybe ever.

In terms of ridiculously beautiful selfies, at least.

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