It took Kim Kardashian blasting Taylor Swift on Snapchat for us to finally listen to her

Kim Kardashian has long been lauded as an outspoken pseudo-celebrity whose fame is thanks to her family’s wealth and a leaked sex tape. But regardless how she earned it, Kardashian’s notoriety is the reason why we’ve been hearing her speak her mind for the better part of a decade. She’s built an empire off of our eagerness to hear what she’ll come up with next. And like anyone with two thumbs and a smart phone, she uses social media to get her point across.

But after last night’s Snapchat and Twitter hysteria, Kim finally got a lot of people to listen.


Kardashian broke the internet, yet again

The internet erupted as Kardashian’s Snaps were opened around the world, with #KimExposedTaylorParty trending on Twitter, calling it a cat fight and stating Kardashian’s stunt was anti-feminist for taking another woman down. The New Yorker TV critic Emily Nussbaum even took the time to sift through the mania to parse out both sides of the story: false

But this is nothing new

Kardashian history of sharing her opinion (#nofilter) is long. She’s been a vocal opponent of her sister Kourtney’s relationship and countless reconciliations with Scott Disick. Recently she blasted brother Rob and his fiancé Blac Chyna for the couple’s comments about her mom Kris and the youngest of the clan, Kylie. Kardashian’s outspoken behavior is nothing more than a clear sign of her unrelenting loyalty to her family.

She’s similarly as vocal when it comes to herself. Gossip columnists owe Kardashian royalties for all the magazines she helps them sell, criticizing her latest outfit or outburst. But she never apologizes. And Kardashian definitely doesn’t use her celebrity to hide the fact that behind the glam, she’s a human being. In fact, she leverages her celebrity to show she’s just like us. She continues filming the pain she’s willing to endure for beauty while getting an “vampire facial” as well as her regular laser appointments. Kardashian also chronicled a petty divorce and her unhappy pregnancies on national television. Unlike other celebrities who consciously uncouple or showcase their happy baby bumps on a beach, Kardashian sobbed on an exam table while experiencing severe stomach pains. Hating pregnancy made the cover of nearly every tabloid many times over, leaving each article open for us to decide if this made her a bad mother. But her honesty about pregnancy makes her more familiar. And given her statements on recent violence, it’s clear she’d do anything for her kids.

The same goes for her protection of her husband, according to Snapchat. West is even more vocal and unpredictable than his wife, something she’s acknowledged and, at times, criticized. Her relentless openness, which has called her integrity into question time and again is the same openness used to out Swift’s deceit against her family.

Yet, given the conversation about last night’s stunt, it appears we’re finally ready to accept her shameless candor.