Kim Kardashian posted videos of her cooking Jamaican food on Snapchat, and Twitter was not having it

It seems like the Kardashian-Jenners keep making missteps that aren’t landing so well with the public. This time, it was about food (which means you know people had some feelings). When Kim tried to share her excitement about cooking Jamaican food, Twitter put her on blast.

It’s true that the Kardashians’ style choices have a history of being majorly culturally appropriative, and that the younger sisters have recently made, erm, pretty off-base T-shirt designs, but now Kim is under fire on social media for her claim that she cooked the food featured on her Snapchat recently. Some on Twitter were even joking that if she HAD cooked the Jamaican food, they wouldn’t want to eat it. Way harsh, Tai.

In the first video she posted on her Snapchat, Kardashian showed her plantains being prepared.

Looks pretty legit to us. But here’s when things got suspicious:

While showing viewers around her kitchen, she says, “We got the greens, we got the rice and beans.” That’s when Twitter users were like, “Hold up, did she say rice and BEANS?!” false

According to Twitter user @claire6_johnson, the Jamaican dish is rice and peas, not rice and beans. 

Then, Kardashian said that her Jamaican nanny taught her how to make the food she’s “cooking.”

And the jerk chicken conspiracy theories went flying! false

Some couldn’t get over the “rice and beans” incident.


And some just-plain critiqued the quality of cooking regardless of who did it:

Of course, the meal went off without a hitch at Kardashian’s home, regardless of who was ultimately responsible for the culinary feat.

 We’ll probably never know who really cooked that jerk chicken, but damn, it did look good.

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