Kim Kardashian’s rep has words for everyone accusing Kim — yet again — of a Photoshop fail

Kim Kardashian’s followers have unofficially started a game called “is Kim K’s Instagram photoshopped?” Commenters will point to warped lines in the background of her pics and cry “Photoshop Fail,” and the obsession is low-key getting out of hand. Kim recently debunked one of her supposed Photoshop fails, explaining that she grabbed a photo from a fan account and simply added a new filter. Now her rep has swooped in to say that yes, she used a filter on her latest bikini photo, but it’s the kind that adds a grainy quality to images, not the kind that slims your waist.

Kim is currently on vacation in Turks and Caicos and has been uploading a ton of bikini photos. Maybe we don’t know how to identify an edited photo, but they all look pretty real to us?

The photo coming under the most fire is the one featuring a pink bikini. One commenter asked if Kim edited it with Microsoft Paint. First of all, clever throwback, but second of all, how dare you?! We all know that if Kim is editing her pics, she’s using higher quality editing software than MS Paint. Psh. Another commenter pointed to a bizarre white streak on Kim’s hand, as if that somehow proved photoshopping. Kim’s rep told Page Six that the “image in question with the white mark is actually filtered through an app that adds in imperfections to the image.”

If you look at the corners of the image, you can see that same imperfect grain along the edges.

As for the rest of her pics, uhh, all we see is pure slayage.

Maybe the people who are dismayed by potential Photoshop use in Kim K’s photos, should like, we don’t know, just unfollow her? Sounds like a pretty quick solve to us.

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