Kim Kardashian got paid $500,000 for this one single Instagram post

In 2018, we live in a world where people can make an entire career out of their Instagram presence, and if you have millions of followers? You can definitely bring in the big bucks — just ask Kim Kardashian. The paycheck she got for posting one picture is ridiculously huge, and now, we need her to teach us how to do the same…you know, without the cosmetics line, the reality show, and everything else she’s managed to create during her time on Earth.

Science and medicine news site STAT obtained a 2017 contract between medical company Duchesnay USA and Kardashian, showing that Duchesnay paid Kardashian $500,000 to post about a morning sickness drug called Diclegis. As a mother of three who has spoken openly about her morning sickness, she seemed to be a perfect candidate for the gig, right?

Let’s lay all of this out: Kardashian stood next to a sign promoting Diclegis, posted the picture along with a caption giving more information about the drug (and let’s be honest, someone probably sent her that info, so it’s not like she had to do her own research) and was handed half a million dollars. Unbelievable.

It’s worth noting that Kardashian and the company got into some hot water with the FDA after the #spon post was shared, since Kardashian’s original post didn’t include any risk information about the drug — something that’s required by the FDA; she later updated it with the required disclaimers.

We aren’t sure if we should be a little upset that someone can make so much money by posting a simple photo on Instagram or if we should applaud Kardashian for getting hers. There are a lot of opinions about her and her fam out there, but who can deny they’re excellent business women? It’s not easy to pull off a $500,000 deal like that.

Now we’re super curious to know which of Kardashian’s advertisers also pay her this much to endorse their products. How much of her income comes from Instagram? Makes you wonder.

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