Kim Kardashian revealed why Kanye wasn’t at the 2018 Met Gala

While Kim Kardashian looked like a golden goddess at the 2018 Met Gala, fans couldn’t help but note that she arrived solo. Husband Kanye West stayed home on May 7th, leading fans to wonder if he’s keeping a low profile due to some, uh, controversial comments he’s made recently.

After praising President Donald Trump on Twitter, and then claiming he thinks slavery sounds like “a choice” during an interview with TMZ, Kanye hasn’t exactly been staying out of the spotlight. This is why many were surprised he didn’t make it to this year’s Gala (he’s a self-proclaimed fashion genius, after all). But Kardashian — who seemed to anticipate that rumors would start swirling (this isn’t her first rodeo) — swiftly put the chatter to rest by publicly tweeting that her husband was busy at work on multiple albums.

It started after West tweeted out this photo to show support for his wife.


In response, Kardashian blames music for West being a no-show.

While we love the fact that they’re so supportive of each other on social media, many of Kardashian’s followers are still upset by much of what Kanye West has said over the past several weeks. For her part, Kim has noted that she disagrees with her husband on many issues, but she also believes in his right to express his opinion.

We’re just glad Kim made it out to the Gala this year. Her dress was seriously stunning and her subtle accessories were on point. Kanye or no-Kanye.