Kim Kardashian and North West just had a mermaid party and we wish we’d been invited

You know something’s on trend if North West is doing it, and she’s doing the mermaid party thing better than any of us could even imagine.

Kim is proud of her little birthday trendsetter, too, posting this adorable snap of the pint size mermaid, and her matching mommy on her Instagram yesterday. Look at their adorable tales! We even love the cheesy wave background, it’s so ’90s!

North and her cousin, Penelope, had a mermaid-themed birthday party, and it looks like the absolute coolest bday celebration ever. Kourtney posted this pic of her “little mermaid” and it only makes our heart beat faster for this generation of Kardashian kiddos.

Mermaids are all the rage on the Kardashian compound, because Kourtney also posted this #TBT snap of her dressed as the most glamorous mermaid we’ve ever seen just a day before the mermaid party.

Is there anything hotter than mermaids right now? We’ve got mermaid hair, mermaid exercise classes, a possible Disney live-action reboot of The Little Mermaid, and now mermaid Kardashians! Is the mermaid revolution just getting started, or are we beginning to jump the shark (wow, that’s weirdly appropriate for mermaids!)

Honestly, we don’t think it’s possible to get too many mermaids (it’s like too much pie, or too many kittens.) So we’re vastly in favor of more kids, both celebrity and not, getting mermaid birthday parties.

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