Here’s why everyone freaked out about Kim Kardashian’s marble table

If you were anywhere near the internet yesterday you might have seen some pretty ferocious chatter on social media regarding Kim Kardashian and her marble table. Here’s how it went down:

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian — as is her wont — shared several posts on social media to promote her new Kids Supply clothing line, which she has launched in collaboration with her husband, Kanye West. In the posts, which were shared on to Instagram and Snapchat, some people noticed a couple of white lines on a table top, leading them to suggest that Kim had been doing cocaine. false false

Kim, not usually one to respond to gossip directly, was pretty perturbed by these accusations, which is totally understandable.

The model, entrepreneur, and reality star quoted the last tweet above and explained what was going on in the picture.

“I do not play with rumors like this so I’m gonna shut it down real quick,” she tweeted. “That’s sugar from our candy mess from dylan’s candy shop.”

Following Kim’s initial tweet, however, people were still questioning why, if it was indeed sugar, it was organized up in two lines on her table. false

As more and more comments began to stream in on social media accusing the 36-year-old star of doing drugs, Kim finally addressed what exactly those “white lines” were on her Snapchat account.

“Okay you guys, I just got back to my hotel room and look at this table, same position. It is still there,” she said in the video.

Continuing, Kim said that she did go to Dylan’s Candy with North, admitting that she thought it was her pixie sticks.

“But after all that, this table at the background is a marble table, you guys. Like, come on!” she added. “So come on. I don’t play like that. Like, come on. I have kids. It’s just not my lifestyle. I don’t think I’ve ever been like that… I just really can’t believe this — it was a marble table. And I thought it was candy. LOL.” 

Kim also took to Twitter where she debunked the accusations.

"OMG you guys!!! Check my snap chats or insta stories I'm crying!!! That was not candy on my table! The table was marble this whole time!" she wrote.

Essentially, it seems like there’s been a big brouhaha about nothing (isn’t that always the way?). Kim clearly got confused by the initial picture when she said it was candy, and it seems that, ultimately, it was just a (rather stunning) marble table in the end. Case closed.

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