Kim Kardashian is live-tweeting Kourtney’s birthday, and it sounds like a ladies version of “The Hangover”

ICYMI, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and their friends are on an epic vacay in Mexico to celebrate Kourtney turning 38. And Omigod do we wish we could have gotten an invite because this trip sounds amazing. Kim Kardashian shared some wild tweets from Kourtney’s birthday celebration, which sounds like a ladies version of The Hangover. Yeah, we mean people without clothes on, people going missing, the full thing. And while we’re sad we can’t be there to experience it, we can at least live vicariously through Kim’s epic tweets.

Of course any Kardashian birthday must be amazing, so Kim and Kourtney went all out.

We know some of the group that came along include Larsa Pippen, Joyce Bonelli, Sarah Howard, Stephanie Shepherd, Jen Atkin, Britt Gastineau, and Malika and Khadija Haqq. Sounds like a fabulous group of ladies.

Check out Kim K’s live-tweeting of this epic girls trip.

Yep, people doing crazy dancing. People taking their clothes off. People going missing. Yep, sounds like all the best parts of The Hangover.

And if there was one group of celebs that we would pick to do a ladies version, it would be the Kardashians.

Because these ladies really know how to party and also laugh at themselves, which is SO important.

But probably the best tweet was what Kim had to say about what she was doing.

And may we add, posting some flawless tweets. We love seeing a group of girlfriends kicking back and getting crazy together.

And these ladies look like they had tons of fun.

Happy birthday, Kourtney! This looks like it was a memorable one.