Kim Kardashian reveals her least favorite part of doing her own makeup, and we’re shocked

Everyone has some part of their beauty routine that they find to be a bit of a drag. Whether it’s a tedious face-washing routine in the evening, the everlasting frustration of creating a cat-eye, or the trials and tribulations of finding an effective acne treatment, everyone’s got a sigh-inducing element of their routine, including Kim Kardashian West.

Yes, the world’s most glamorous woman may always look picture perfect but when it comes to getting ready, even she has trouble when it comes to doing her own eye makeup. You are not alone! Pulling off simple looks like a dewy eye can be just as difficult as traditionally dramatic eye looks like a smoky eye. They all require skill and talent, and not all of us have it. It would seem that Kim has a tough time with it, and we can’t blame her.

Luckily for her, she has a fleet of makeup artists at her beck and call, including the glorious Mario Dedivanovic, who can whip up whatever eye makeup look her heart desires. If only we could all do the same.

Do you agree with Kim Kardashian West on this one, or do you find eye makeup to be an absolute breeze?

That’s not to say that Kim hasn’t picked up a whole bunch of tips and tricks along the way. She admits being much better at applying under-eye concealer than she was before, so that’s a plus.

Those of us who are constantly plagued by dark circles know how important it is to master the flawless concealer application without getting a reverse raccoon effect.

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