This is how many millions Kim Kardashian’s makeup line is expected to make in the first five minutes

If money doesn’t grow on trees for the Kardashians, it certainly blossoms from their lipsticks. The Kardashian/Jenner crew has made bundles off their family name, by launching clothing lines, fragrance collections, video game apps, books, even butt-shaped pool rafts. And while makeup has, for a long time, been Kylie’s thing, her big sis Kim is moving in on the action too. Last week, Kim announced to her 101 million Instagram followers that she’d be dipping into the beauty industry with KKW Beauty. This week, in an interview with WWD, Kim shared what she expects to get out of her new beauty line.

Spoiler: KKW Beauty is projected to make $14.4 million in sales in just its first five minutes.

“We have a good model, and even from our lip kit, we have a really good general idea of what our customer is going to be like. We are definitely prepared for the demand,” Kim told WWD.

If this sounds a little bit familiar, that’s because it is.

You’ll remember this past April, Kim collaborated with Kylie’s cosmetics line to debut the KKW by Kylie Cosmetics crème lipstick set.

The launch helped the brand rake in $13.5 million in sales within a matter of minutes. This time, Kim’s going after the big bucks again with a solo line that seizes on the contouring and highlighting craze she made so popular.

If all goes to plan, the contour kits, which drop Wednesday and are being sold for $48 a pop (only 300,000 will be available, so BE ADVISED), Kim’s expected to rake in a cool $14.4 million in similar timing.

Yes, that’s Kim KarCASHhian, if you please.

Kim Kardashian: breaking internets, banks, pocketbooks, and the like.

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