KKW Beauty’s long-awaited lipstick and liner collection has finally arrived

Prepare your pouts, for the long-awaited KKW Beauty lipsticks have finally launched. Kim Kardashian West recently welcomed a third child, but there’s another addition to the family, the KKW lipstick collection. The brand teased the new range of lipsticks back in December 2017 and they’re here at last.

We’ve been seeing snippets of the shades on Kim and her makeup artists’ social media as well as her app, so we’re super hyped to get our hands on them.

Although KKW released a popular liquid lipstick collection last year, this is the first bullet lipstick from the beauty brand. The range includes eight crème lipsticks ($18 each) and three lip liners ($12 each), inspired by Kim’s signature nude lip. There’s a set of all eight lipsticks available for $144.

The packaging is the same neutral, Yeezy-esque color of Kim’s other releases. The lipstick tubes are clear at the base, and it looks super modern and *on brand.*  The collection goes on sale on today, June 8th at 12 p.m. PST at KKWBeauty.com. We’re sure these will sell out fast, so set your alarms and fire up your laptops.

Kim’s signature look.


Kim’s been rocking her nudes for a dozen years or more.

Today’s the day.


The eight shades, swatched on video.


The crème finish is a nice update from the ubiquitous mattes of recent years.

A peek at the full range.


The clear packaging is an interesting detail.

Each of the nudes swatched on different skin tones.


KKW received criticism for the brand’s limited concealer shades, and this may be a response.


The Crème Lipstick Set


For the diehards that need every shade.

Well, our makeup bags are ready. Our pocketbooks? We’re working on that. Shop the KKW Beauty Crème Lipsticks and Lip Liners ($12-$144) on KKWBeauty.com on June 8th at 12 p.m. PST.

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