Kim Kardashian confirmed that KKW Beauty lipstick is coming in 2018, and just take all our money

There’s been talk for a while now about another Kardashian getting into the lipstick biz aside from Kylie Jenner. Yup, Kim Kardashian confirmed on her app that KKW Beauty lipstick is coming in 2018. We’ve been anticipating the smooch-worthy launch for quite some time. Kim Kardashian announced her KKW Beauty lipstick collection in early November. And on December 29th, she posted about it again on her app.

“The KKW beauty product I’m most excited about for 2018: lipsticks!!!!” she wrote. And honestly, same.

Of course, the reality TV star has released some lip products before. But the KKW Beauty lipstick launch will be a dedicated lipstick line that’s all her own. Earlier this year, Kim launched a nude liquid lipstick collab with Kylie. And on December 1st, she debuted her Ultralight Beams Collection. The collection consists of various shades of ultra-glitter gloss and corresponding Ultralight Beam powder. And at just $32 per set, they’re also ultra-affordable.

“I felt like I wanted something glitzy for the holidays and if I was going to venture off into something, I thought a glitzy lip and eye would be exactly what I would want,” Kardashian told Bustle. Something glitzy for the holidays was exactly right. Look at that shine!

Here’s Kim’s latest post from her app, teasing the launch of her KKW Beauty lipstick.

We hope they launch super soon.


And, ICYMI, Kylie Cosmetics launched lipsticks for the first time ever on December 13th. So in addition to liquid lipsticks, Jenner now offers an array of good old-fashioned lipsticks too.

Seriously, just take all of our money now, Kim and Kylie.