Kim Kardashian just dropped this important tidbit about her new concealers from KKW Beauty

Slowly but surely we’re getting more information about what kind of future products we can expect from Kim Kardashian’s beauty line, KKW Beauty. With the Crème Contour and Highlighter Stick merely days away from launching, we now know there will be concealers in the mix in upcoming releases. For those of us cursed with haunting under-eye circles, this is music to our ears.

We’re so glad that Kim is being forthcoming with the kind of products we can expect from her line in the near future. A few days ago she let us in on the fact that there will be a fragrance released later this year, and we can’t wait.

Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty line launches this Wednesday, June 21st, at 9 a.m., PST.

There are four different shades of the Crème Contour and Highlighter Stick kits: Light, Medium, Dark, and Deep Dark. They each include a dual-ended tool with a sponge and brush for blending and will be available for $48.

We can only hope that the concealer she mentioned will be here before the end of the summer. She gave the New York Times some details about it, and it sounds too good to be true. Kim tells the publication:

"When we get to my concealers, I’ll have anti-aging formulas. That’s really important to me — and, of course, the quality. In the beginning, this line will really be about all the correcting and perfecting tricks I’ve learned."

Kim always has flawless skin, and we’ll do just about anything to achieve the same. She credits her Armenian background as the reason why she’s had to become a total pro at covering under-eye circles, and a lot of us can totally relate.

We love that Kim’s brand, KKW Beauty, is starting with the basics and keeping things simple.

Do you think you’ll be just as eager to try out the concealer as we are?

We’ve been loving Kim’s transition to clean, dewy skin, and all these new products are a testament to that style shift. We have no doubt that her concealers will not only cover up imperfections flawlessly, but they’ll drench our skin with coveted anti-aging goodness. Just how Kim would want it.

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