KKW Beauty’s next makeup collab is totally unexpected — in the best way

At this point, not much can surprise us from the beauty world — we’ve seen it all, from crazy collaborations to insane hair trends. That said, we have to admit we did not see this latest collaboration from Kim Kardashian coming. While fans are still coming down from the high of the KKW Beauty x Mario Dedivanovic collaboration, we already have news about what’s coming next. It turns out the next KKW Beauty collab will come courtesy of the Kim Kardashian-produced beauty search television show Glam Masters.

The winner of the show, Argenis Pinal, created a line of what looks like eyeshadow sticks with KKW Beauty, and while we’ve only gotten a small peek at them, we can already tell they are going to be glam as hell. Seeing as we recently got a collection of liquid glimmer eyeshadows from KKW Beauty, we’re even more intrigued and surprised to see that a new eyeshadow product is on the agenda.

While we knew Kim Kardashian was a producer of this popular beauty show, we had no idea how involved she was. This is such a huge opportunity for the winner, and what a cool way for KKW to use its platform for good, by elevating up-and-coming artists.

The KKW Beauty x Glam Masters Argenis Pinal collaboration will be launching April 21st at the Glam Masters Booth at Beautycon in New York City.


You will be able to buy it online at KKW Beauty on April 23rd. You know what this means: Have those typing fingers and your wallets ready, because as with all KKW Beauty products, they are going to fly off the shelves.

We are so happy for this wonderful makeup artist! What an amazing talent, we can’t wait to see what else comes his way.


Be ready this weekend, because you won’t want to miss out on this unexpected collection. Keep your eyes peeled for more details. Who knows if even more products are on their way.

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