We want Kim Kardashian’s children’s collection bathing suit in an adult size, please

We’re just going to be honest here: We’re kind of obsessed with Kids Supply, and we can’t even wear any of it.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West’s children’s clothing line is exclusive and pricey, but so adorable we can’t deal.

The newest additions to the fresh summer collection are pint-sized bathing suits. And sure, the sizes are for kids and all, but the question on our minds is WHY DO CHILDREN GET TO HAVE ALL THE FUN?

Case in point: this velvet coral two-piece — and matching slip dress.



The dress "is one of North's favorites," Kim says in her Snapchat video. "She wears it all the time."

And just in case we ever want to channel our inner Pebbles Flintstone, this pink leopard print slip dress would be REALLY great in a women’s size.


This specific collection also includes a jean jacket with drawings by a 10-year-old artist (yas!) and two new hats — with the denim one featuring doodles by the same rad kid artist, named Harlow.




Obviously, we can’t fit in that adorable coral two-piece, but if your daughter can, the stuff goes on sale Monday, July 17th.

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