Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are rocking a major ‘80s fashion trend

It’s been around for years, but thanks to Kim and Kanye we’re inspired to add red-and-black striped Adidas wear back into our wardrobes. The couple has been spotted out and about sporting the ’80s trend with everything, and the garments have even made appearances on runways.

Run DMC brought the Adidas track suits to the forefront back in the ’80s, and the staples have yet to go out of style. We can bet that investing in a track suit or two will totally be worth the money. Because, they’ll definitely be around for a while.

These are no longer just for sport. Kim wore the ’80s trend track suit with a pair of black laced-booties, and looked so chic!

And the fit is perfectly baggy. We’re so into it!

Kanye wore these cool navy track pants adorned with red stripes.


We’re obsessed with how Kim rocked the Adidas black-and-red velour suit. An exact replica is on the top of our “Must-Have” list. You know that something’s iconic when newer generations embrace it. And Kim, Kanye, and other ’90s babies across the world rocking the ’80s garb totally proves this to be true.

Did we mention that Kanye’s upcoming Calabasas line will also pays homage to the Run DMC craze? We can’t wait to see how he incorporates these legendary elements into his show!

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