Kim Kardashian just released a butt-shaped pool float, and the internet is obsessed

If there’s one thing we’ve learned since Keeping Up with the Kardashians hit TV screens in 2007, it’s that Kim Kardashian is a fantastic businesswoman. She’s co-owner of three successful clothing stores, launched an incredibly successful mobile game, and isn’t afraid to be self-deprecating in her business decisions, like with her kimojis, which poke fun at her cry face and her famous butt.

Now, Kim has taken her kimojis to a whole new level. In addition to sending them to your friends on your phone, you can also buy kimoji merchandise, including hats, iphone cases, even a butt-shaped pool float. Seriously.


The $98 pool float has caused quite a stir online as people are freaking out over new kimoji merchandise.

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Sure $98 is a bit of a steep price for a pool accessory, but there are plenty of other pieces of kimoji merchandise that may fit a tighter budget. Kim is also selling phone cases for $28, hats between $38-$45, and $20 bandanas. Just in time for Coachella, too!

Kim first teased her kimoji flash sale on her Instagram and fans quickly ran to her site to buy merch from their favorite Kardashian. Items are already starting to sell out so if you want your kimoji merchandise, you better act now!

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