Kim Kardashian is posting a ton of pics with Kanye and the kids, and we can’t get over how utterly normal they look

Okay, so we know there are way (as in, way) more pressing things happening in the world than what Kim Kardashian is up to. But it’s Wednesday (which means there are three more days until the weekend), and we all have our coping mechanisms. Plus, Kim just posted a ton of casual family pics to her Instagram — all of her, Kanye, and their two kids — and we can’t get over the utter normalcy of their lives when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Sure, we of course know that Kim and Kanye are human just like the rest of us. But it can be easy to forget that they do regular things like sit around the house, eating cereal in t-shirts and sweatpants, just like the rest of us. And to be honest, it’s pretty refreshing to see people who we associate with so much glitz and glam let their guard down.

It reminds the rest of us that life isn’t one long gala just because you’re famous, and so much of the “perfection” we see on the red carpet is just temporary smoke and mirrors. Plus, we are loving seeing Kim’s adorable kids (sorry not sorry, world!).

Just look:

North and Saint are the CUTEST!

Dad time.

Kanye eating cereal while standing up is all of us.

Awww (and lol).

Kim, lookin’ lovely.

We’ve heard from sister Khloé that Kim has “redefined her priorities” in recent month, and based on Kim’s recent posts (which have all been photos of her family) it’s pretty clear that life is all about the people closest to her right now.

Wishing the family health and happiness in the New Year — famous or not, they’ve had a pretty rocky few months, and we’re glad to see them doing okay!