Kim Kardashian just broke all the fashion rules and wore a thermal shirt on the red carpet

As if Kim Kardashian couldn’t get any cooler, she just gave the world’s *biggest* IDGAF by breaking every fashion rule ever invented and wearing a thermal shirt on the red carpet. Yeah, you heard us right. A thermal. Like, what little kids (and, okay, us too) wear all winter long.


Kim K, who was a keynote speaker at the 2016 BlogHer conference (which was today), threw us all off by pairing the simple white thermal shirt with a high-waisted, nearly metallic skirt with a major slit up the thigh. It’s a pretty major move considering what a huge role she plays in the fashion world, so we’re all wondering: Are thermals formalwear, now? If so, we’re 100% here for it.


We’ll let you decide for yourself if the look is a yes or a no, but in a world where furry slippers can be chic sandals, bras are best worn outside clothes, and high-quality lipstick comes in palettes, what is a capital-L look is totally subjective. Either way, we’re always down for any trend that lets us embrace our ~lazy girl~ aesthetic, so we’re about this like we’ve never been about a Kim K style ever before.

Kim K is clearly not here for any haters, and has the money, the power, and the natural fashion sense to blow any and every fashion rule out of the water. We’d be the last to try to tell her what to do.


You do you, Kim Kardashian. You do you.

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