Kim Kardashian is saving all of her iconic outfits for her daughter, and she gave us a sneak peek

If you’ve ever wished you could raid Kim Kardashian West’s closet, you’re in luck because the 36-year-old reality show icon gave us a glimpse of her fashion archives…via Snapchat, of course! Kim K’s fans likely remember each and everyone of the glitzy pieces she flips through while organizing her jaw-dropping collection. In case you don’t recognize each bedazzled article of clothing shown in her videos, she narrates the video, saying which event each gown is from.

Yes, the Kardashian ladies are expert organizers, and we’re so glad because seeing all of Kim’s archived outfits is a delight. Oh, and don’t worry — she kept all of the clothes that Kanye tried to throw out for North West. Cue gargantuan sigh of relief.

First Kim worked on her “Yeezy archive”

She told her 8-9 million Snapchat viewers, “Up early this morning, organizing my Yeezy archive.” And of course we recognize those clear strappy heels from the Yeezy show last February. (This picture is etched in our memories forever)

Then Kim showed us her gown

Make sure you have a rag nearby to clean up your drool!

As she casually flips through the couture pieces— which Kim calls “just all the things that I’ve worn”— she narrates, “Gown from the cover of Vogue, From Albert— Lanvin, my Met dress, I wore this to a Balmain show…” It’s basically any fashionista’s dream closet. And yes, she kept the dress she wore at the Prince concert when he kicked her off stage!


Next we hit her shoe collection

The fun part is I kept everything — all for memories. Even when Kanye thought he cleaned out my closet, I kept it all secretly for my daughter one day.

Even though Nori didn’t seem very interested when Kim was walking through memory lane, we have a feeling she will have a blast following her mama’s footsteps (literally).

A lot has changed for Kim K throughout her life (namely, that she doesn’t need to skip out on paying rent to afford a pricey pair of shoes) and it’s so fun to look at all of the beautiful clothing she’s worn over the years.

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