Kim Kardashian gave Rob Kardashian the grossest heads-up about his baby

If there’s one thing that the Kardashians pride themselves on, it’s being candid. But, with brutal honesty, comes great responsibility. As Rob Kardashian just somewhat painfully found out, the deliverance of the truth doesn’t stop when things get, well, a little bit messy. According to E!Online, on the next episode of Rob & Chyna, Kim Kardashian tells Rob Kardashian all about postpartum baby excrements. Effectively carrying out the longstanding trolling tradition that all eldest siblings everywhere hold dear, no matter how old.

In her defense, from one big sister to another, Kim isn’t just traumatizing Rob for the fun of it. As the preview shows, she’s appointed herself as the drill instructor of what she describes as a “baby bootcamp” of sorts, because she wants to help him and Kardashians don’t do anything the traditional way. And, yeah okay, maybe it is just slightly gratifying for her to tease him. Who could blame her? It’s a schadenfreude desire ingrained into every sibling’s soul. Plus, it’s super entertaining and makes for great TV. Sorry, Rob.


What does her boot camp entail that makes it so yucky for all us germaphobes out there, exactly? Well, if the preview is any indication, mentions of the fact that his baby will most likely be “throwing up everywhere” and “poop[ing] out tar.” *Shudders* It also involves a baby doll, swaddling clothes, a changing table, and a noticeably perspiring Rob. The poor guy is seemingly as disgusted as we are by the whole thing, but I suppose it’s better for him to be prepared for the stinky mess he’s in for in advance.

But, listen. Reading it and hearing it are two different things. You’re probably going to want to have your very own barf bag ready before checking out the Rob & Chyna trailer below:

Can’t say I didn’t warn you guys.

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