Kim Kardashian released a pretty fierce set of feminist emojis for International Women’s Day

Kim Kardashian’s emojis from her Kimoji app have been pretty awesome in the past, but her newest ones might actually be her best yet. This week, Kardashian released a set of feminist emojis in honor of International Women’s Day, and they’re so cute, you’re going to want to send them to all the women in your life.

The collection itself is pretty fab — and, if you ask us, filled with feminist emojis that the regular collection most of us have on our phones is sorely lacking.

They’re all about girl power, and they include phrases like “my body, my choice,” “grab America back,” and “slay in your lane.” They’re all proudly featuring the color pink, and they couldn’t be more perfect to include in a text wishing someone a happy International Women’s Day.

But as the Debrief pointed out, not everybody is loving these feminist emojis. A lot of people are tweeting that Kardashian isn’t empowering to women, or that she shouldn’t be profiting off of feminism.

Others, though, are suggesting that instead of putting her down for her set of feminist emojis, it might be a better idea to embrace the fact that someone with such a huge following is promoting an important movement. After all, regardless of whether or not you agree with the way Kardashian chooses to live her life, her hard-working, independent spirit is actually really empowering to a lot of women.

And let’s be real: Who wouldn’t want to receive one of these bad boys in a text message? Get sending — International Women’s Day is already halfway over, but it’s always the right time to honor your favorite women.

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