Kim Kardashian dressed up as Selena and perfected the singer’s signature dance move

This year, a few celebrities were inspired by the same icon. Kim Kardashian dressed up like Selena Quintanilla for Halloween, proving that she had a similar mindset to Demi Lovato, who also donned a purple jumpsuit this year. But there’s something about Kardashian’s tribute that sets her aside — she also managed to pick up a few of the legendary Queen of Tejano music’s dancing moves.

Quintanilla, referred to often solely by her first name Selena, was a Latin recording artist who was loved by many. After getting her start in the music industry at the age of 10, she started becoming a household name after winning the awards for both “Best Female Vocalist of the Year” and “Performer of the Year” at the 1987 Tejano Music Awards. Unfortunately, her career was cut short after she was murdered by the president of her fan club. Thankfully, her music and her spirit live on, as she still inspires many young musicians and celebrities today.

While the singer was always fashionable on stage, she became well known for wearing a purple jumpsuit — which is why both Kardashian and  Lovato decided to make a similar jumpsuit the center of their outfits.

Kardashian debuted the outfit at the Halloween party of her friends John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, and also made sure to show off her moves on Twitter for her fans.

The reality star also made sure that her microphone was a prop to the costume.

 This wasn’t the only late singer that Kardashian wanted to pay tribute to this year. A few days ago, she revealed her Aaliyah costume, which ended up upsetting a few fans who debated over the look on Twitter.

She also dressed as Madonna and Cher for other Halloween events she attended, thus making it clear that she wanted to spend 2017 paying tribute to some of our most beloved musical icons. We’re already excited thinking about what she’ll have in store for next year.

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