Kim Kardashian hints that a new KKW Beauty makeup product is launching next month

Desi Perkins and Kim Kardashian teamed up for a super secret YouTube video, revealing a new product for KKW Beauty. We can’t wait to find out what the two babes are cooking up!

YouTube superstar Desi Perkins and Kim share a similar aesthetic of smoky eyes, bouncy hair, and bronzy golden skin. Details of what they are filming are still a mystery, but they’ve hinted that they’re sharing new products from their lines and that they will be dropping next month! Naturally, the beauty-sphere is abuzz.

Desi’s millions of followers and subscribers on YouTube and Instagram can’t wait to find out what she’s cooking up with beauty guru Lustrelux. Kim K fans are also scratching their heads at what could be next for KKW Beauty. Eyeliner? Highlighter?

Let’s examine the evidence…

Behind-the-scenes at the tutorial shoot.

Kim and her squad know how to build buzz. Ride or die MUA Mario Dedivanovic shared a sneak peek recently, and Kim’s Cleopatra-like strong smoky cat-eye might be a clue.

KKW serving serious golden goddess in a teaser shot from last month.

Folks are speculating that the new product may be an eyeliner or eyeshadow. Kim’s eyes are definitely making a statement so it could be an eye thing, but peep that skin! Could it be a highlighter/bronzer/body makeup product? Or perhaps Kim will bless us with both?

Desi and her BFF Katy aka LustreLux recently announced a makeup collab with an unnamed brand and if it’s not with KKW, it’ll obviously be something dope! Katy wasn’t on set with Desi and Kim so maybe they’ve got another thing popping?

As always, we’ll be Keeping Up With KKW Beauty and keep you posted as we know more!

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