Kim Kardashian clarified why she deleted the “insensitive” bikini pics from her Insta feed

It’s been QUITE the week for the Kardashians. Not only did a whirlwind of Tristan Thompson cheating rumors break on Tuesday, April 10th, but Khloé Kardashian had her baby daughter on Thursday, April 12th. Mom Kris, along with sisters Kourtney and Kim, BFF Malika, and (yes) Thompson were reportedly by her side.

And as if that wasn’t enough action for a mere two days, the internet was abuzz again over a Kardashian-related topic on April 12th. Specifically over the fact that Kim deleted several bikini shots of herself that she posted to Insta this week.

ICYMI: Kim and Kourtney were on vacation in Turks and Caicos, and Kim chose Tuesday, April 10th, and the ensuing days (aka when her very pregnant younger sister was drowning in cheating rumors) to post a bunch of fun, casual bikini shots of herself — a few specifically designed to sell merch. However, she took a number of them down on Thursday, April 12th (though left most of them up on her Twitter feed).

And people of the internet were not happy. Many fans deemed the move insensitive to Khloé/an extremely self-involved gesture. false


Some fans speculated that the onslaught of criticism prompted Kim to take the pics down. However, she reposted the shots again today, April 13th, and also clarified why she took them down in the first place.

"I deleted some vacation pics because I didn’t like the vibe on my page but I re-filtered them and reposting some! 😜 I’m crazy about the vibe on my IG page," she captioned the shot.

By “vibe” we can likely assume Kim’s referring to her feed’s overall aesthetic, and not the negative feedback she was getting about the posts in general (because if that was the case, she probably wouldn’t be posting them again).

Mystery: Solved.

At the end of the day, we’re glad Kim isn’t letting the haters get to her. She seems pretty content to be in loving sister mode right now.

We’re also sending so much love to Khloé today, and hoping mamma and daughter are safe and sound.