Kim Kardashian appears to have defended her new cornrows in a problematic Twitter post

Kardashian-lovers will undoubtedly know that yesterday, January 29th, Kim Kardashian debuted a brand new look via social media…as in, she was wearing her now-blonde locks in cornrows. She showcased the new braids in a series of selfies on Twitter.

And, as expected, many in the Twittersphere pointed out that her braids were a clear-cut example of cultural appropriation (in this case, a white woman wearing a traditionally black hairstyle). Adding fuel to the fire, Kim credited a white woman for the look, calling her new style “Bo Derek braids” — Bo Derek being a white, blonde model in the 1970s who wore a similar look in the movie 10.

And it appears as though Kim may have defended her decision in a subtle Twitter post from last night.

"Hi, can I get zero fucks please, thanks"

While it’s unclear if this post was in direct response to the accusations of cultural appropriation, the timing makes it seem likely (though again, we can’t know for sure). Regardless, it’s safe to say that we wish Kim had shown better judgment and more sensitivity when both choosing and debuting her new style. At the end of the day, Kim — a beneficiary of white privilege — should give a fuck if the marginalized cultures from which she took the look has a problem with it. And at very least, she should have credited the correct culture.

Because words matter and have the power to make a difference  — especially when you have a platform of 58 million followers. We hope Kim takes a step back and addresses the controversy in a real and meaningful way. And in the meantime, maybe cool it on the “IDGAF” posts?

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