Kim Kardashian debuted a new, way shorter haircut

We’re grown accustomed to seeing Kim Kardashian with her signature waist-length hair. But times are a-changin’ apparently!

Yesterday Kim Kardashian debuted new short hair, and even though we weren’t prepared for a change in scenery, the look suits her perfectly. It’s simple, sleek and fun, not to mention the fact that shorter hair is just easier to manage sometimes. So without further ado, let’s take a look!

Actually, JUST KIDDING. Before we lose our minds over the new chop, let’s revisit how Kim’s hair used to be.

Okay so, long. Now take a gander at the new look!

This is getting us interested in short hair and flower crowns. Knowing that we’d be craving more, Kim made sure to snap a few pics with friends.

Love it. So shiny!

It can feel weird to go for a bold change in hair styles, but in our experience, experimentation can yield amazing results. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or something more dramatic, remember that hair grows back!

Thanks for the inspo, Kim!

Also, side note: We’re so glad that Kim is back engaging with social media. She hasn’t had an easy six months, but after redefining her priorities and taking the time to heal, it looks like Kim is taking on 2017 by storm.


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