Kim Kardashian confirmed she can’t carry any more children, but opened up about other options

We’ve been incredibly excited since hearing that Kim Kardashian wants to expand her family — even though she’s also been super open about the fact that she’s had complications during previous pregnancies. In the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim revealed she can’t carry any more kids and looks to surrogacy as the next best option.

Kim had a procedure to help her become able to carry another child herself, but it only lead to further complications with her bladder that Kim admitted was “super painful and frustrating.” Despite all this, she’s open to the possibilities of surrogacy because she and Kanye have always talked about having more kids, and she admits her desire has been even stronger since the robbery incident in Paris.

"After everything I went through, the surgery [...] wasn’t successful and didn’t do anything, Kim told her sisters Kourtney and Khloé. "Kanye was really nervous about the surgery…but I know he would want to have more kids. I feel like surrogacy is the only option for me."

Kim went on to reveal why she feels like siblings are so important in life.

"I’d just love nothing more than to expand my family and just know that I have this world at home that’s safe. And if for some reason I left this earth sooner than I really wanted to, then my kids would have a support system at home so that I know that they would be OK if I wasn’t here."

She mentioned that surrogacy is the realistic option at this point, and we hope that she and Kanye are able to find a solution that works for them.

Many celebs have used the surrogacy method; just last year, Lucy Liu opened up about having a surrogate and Amy Smart revealed she had her baby through a surrogate as well. There’s no one way to have a family, and we’re so thrilled that so many people are opening up the dialogue on this.

Wishing Kimye all the best as they figure this out!

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