This throwback video of Kim Kardashian talking about cleaning out celeb closets is weirdly inspirational

As the saying goes, everything posted to the internet lives on forever. That includes clips of our favorite Kardashian, way before her own show became a huge success. Someone at BuzzFeed unearthed a throwback video of Kim Kardashian talking about cleaning out celeb closets. And this clip eerily predicted her rise to fame.

While most people are familiar with the Kardashian brand, it’s hard to imagine a time when their family wasn’t on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Every family member has an app cluing you into their everyday habits. But what about life before the cameras started rolling in the Calabasas neighborhood?


The good old Paris Hilton days.

Kim Kardashian got her first taste of reality stardom through Paris Hilton. In addition to stepping out and partying together, Kim used to organize Paris’s closets. Because they were basically overflowing with items Paris never actually needed, Kim would pick some out and sell them on eBay. This is when Kim would first appear in episodes of The Simple Life.

Soon, Kim started getting attention herself. Paparazzi learned her name and would question her whenever she was out and about Hollywood.

Clearly, there was something magnetic about Kim Kardashian. And as BuzzFeed uncovered, Kim knew it herself. In a short clip, she can be seen describing what it is that she does and what she hopes for her career in the future. Watch for yourself and see how eerily right Kim was about her own show. false

 “I would totally do a show. You know, I really want to do some kind of show that shows my life and what I do and my closet stuff, and all of that would be really fun for me because that’s so natural.

With an entire empire under her belt, Kim Kardashian can rest easy knowing that everything she said in this throwback video came true.

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