Kim Kardashian just revealed her secret to flawless cleavage, FYI

Kim Kardashian, who is known for her A+ selfie game (she even published a collection them) recently revealed a behind-the-scenes selfie tip: How to get perfect cleavage. The Kardashian posted the explanation and boob makeover trick on her app, and we’re um, intruiged.

We have to hand it to Kim K, her boob look is pretty on point.

So how does she do it? The magic is in the tape, she explained:

Current status: Trying not to wince at the thought of ripping tape off our chest (*sob*).

You can buy gaffer’s tape on Amazon, but just be careful and make sure to give your boobs some extra lotion love afterwards. Props to Kim K for keeping it real and giving us tips from the queen herself.

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