Umm, Kim Kardashian’s Christmas tree is unbelievably huge (and so stunning)

By now we know to expect the grandiose when dealing with the Kardashians. But this year, Kim’s unbelievably huge Christmas tree takes the holiday spirit to a whole new level. The ginormous flocked tree stretches up so high that Kim’s bestie, Jonathan Cheban, can barely capture it in an Instagram video. And while we’ve seen our fair share of magical Christmas trees through the years, Kim and Kanye’s is one of the most elegant yet. (We’re a little scared to imagine the cost of the thing, but it’s probably even more than what Kim spends on her entire makeup routine.)

In his Insta video, Cheban jokes:

"Guys, look at the size of this tree, only a Kimye tree could be the size of the tree in Rockafeller Center, this is crazy. Holy craaaap. Guys, look at this. The kids are sleeping, but look at the size of this tree... Oh my God. Only Kim and Kanye would have a tree this big, this is just crazy... Wait till you guys see what's outside, you've gotta see how they lit up this house. Actually, I'll show you later..."

And thankfully, he does.

Holy heart eye emoji, Batman. That’s one heck of a frosted Christmas palace. Strands of twinkling white lights hang on all sides of Kim and Kanye’s Bel Air home, and you can see a more classic evergreen Christmas tree by the front door. Cheban re-grammed another video later, promising “a better look at Kimye’s Christmas Wonderland.”

Basically, Kim and Kanye are winning at Christmas. And can we just say, it’s totally heartening to see the festive spirit so strong over there. After everything Kim’s been through this year, she deserves some holiday cheer and much-needed family time.

Now if someone could just add that gorgeous Christmas tree to our Kimojis, we’d be completely set for the holidays…

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