Kim Kardashian tweeted an update about Baby Chi, and our hearts are exploding

It’s hard out here for a Kim Kardashian fan. We are used to knowing exactly what’s going on in her life at all times, so it’s tough when she makes us sit around and wonder. After welcoming her third child via surrogate in January, we haven’t heard much else from Kim Kardashian about her new bundle of joy.

We know that her name is Chicago, assumedly after Kanye’s hometown. And we caught just the briefest glimpse of her in Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy announcement video. But fans are just dying to know more. What does Chi look like? WHO does she look like? What’s her favorite pastime? Favorite Kanye song? Is North over the moon to have a little sister OR WHAT?

Sometimes, though, all you gotta do is ask Kim Kardashian and she will give you what you want. Yep, it’s really as easy as that. A fan on Twitter simply asked the reality TV star for an update and Kardashian responded with a heart-melting tweet. It sounds like Chicago, a.k.a. Chi (pronounced “Shy”), is doing super well.

Kardashian mentioned that she’s the “best” baby and she looks like a combination of her older siblings. The update was absolutely adorable, complete with so many exclamation marks that we just know Kardashian is a proud mama.

Kim Kardashian is always kind enough to tweet at her fans, but this interaction was especially precious.

Alas, no pictures of Chicago West — yet.

We absolutely respect Kim Kardashian’s right to protect Chi’s privacy at this very early stage in her life. It’s probably hard being in the spotlight with young children, especially for someone like Kardashian who gives to her fans so often. For now, we’re happy just knowing that little Chi is doing great!

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