Kim Kardashian revealed she actually wanted to name Chicago after her grandmother, but here’s why she didn’t

When Kim Kardashian announced that her third child, a daughter, would be named Chicago West, we loved it. It’s a unique name, it’s a perfect fit with older siblings North and Saint, and her nickname, Chi (pronounced “shy”), might be the cutest thing we’ve ever heard. However, Kim revealed that she seriously considered two other names before she and husband Kanye West settled on Chicago.

“We were gonna name her Jo because of my grandma Mary Jo or we were gonna go with Grace and then it was Chicago,” Kim revealed on the April 20th, 2018 episode of The Ellen Show.

You’ve probably seen Kim’s grandma Mary Jo pop up on Instagram or Keeping Up with the Kardashians from time to time — Mary Jo Shannon, or MJ for short, is Kris Jenner’s mother.

If Kim had gone with “Jo,” she would have gotten the one-syllable name she so desired, but the couple ended up choosing Chicago because of the name’s importance to Kanye West.

“Obviously, he’s from Chicago but that is a place that made him,” Kim shared. Kim also said they considered naming their daughter after Kanye’s mother Donda, but Kim said, “I just wasn’t sure if it’s too much to live up to. I just felt like Chicago is cool and different.”

You can watch Kim’s entire segment about baby Chicago below.

Obviously, the Kardashian brood isn’t done having children, and seeing as grandma MJ is close with the entire family, who knows — Kylie Jenner could have a baby Jo one day.

North, Saint, and Jo could have been a cute trio, but North, Saint, and Chi is perfect.

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