Kim Kardashian is serving ’70s Cher fierceness on the cover of “Harper’s Bazaar Arabia”

What was old will always be new again, and it’s never been more relevant than with the recent wake of young stars emulating the stars of generations past. The latest to add their take on vintage glamour is Kim Kardashian, who channeled Cher in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Kim’s cover model homage is a lovely representation of the style and pizzazz that Cher embodied — and obviously still does!

Cher is a style icon for the ages, and celebrities and normals like us will be paying tribute to her contributions to fashion and beauty for decades to come. She helped to revolutionize beauty norms for an entire generation, with a flair for the dramatic and a lighthearted sense of humor that still makes us laugh every time she hits Twitter.

You can check out Kim Kardashian’s stylistic homage to Cher in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

From the fringe dress to the pin-straight hair, she is taking us back to those carefree Sonny and Cher days with a bit of Bob Mackie sprinkled in there.


Despite the fact that Cher has been a total style chameleon in the decades since she’s been in the public eye, all her looks are so strong and legendary that they’re easily identifiable. That straight hair, bold lashes, and black liner screams Cher just as much as giant curls and a sequined leotard does.


Look at the similarities!

In the interview, Kim shared that Cher has been her fashion icon, saying,

"I always look up to other Armenian women. Cher is literally my fashion icon. She's always had the sickest style."

We wonder what Cher has to say about Kim Kardashian’s Harper’s Bazaar Arabia cover.

We can only imagine that it’s just a matter of time before she lets us know in an emoji-filled tweet.

What do you think of Kim’s Cher look?

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